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The Diploma course provides advanced instruction, training and support in the art of reading La Vera Sibilla. It is designed specifically for students wishing to become proficient in reading La Vera Sibilla

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La Vera Sibilla


DIPLOMA The School of Italian Cartomancy

This certificate is awarded to

For completing a course in La Vera Sibilla for personal reading and use. This certificate is not a validation of competence and is awarded solely on the basis of a course of study without assessment or testing.

Italiana to an advanced level of competence. More specifically, this Diploma course empowers students to feel confident in reading the cards for both themselves and for others. For that reason, this course includes ongoing assessment and testing of student knowledge, understanding and competence in all aspects of reading and interpreting La Vera Sibilla, and relaying such information and knowledge to others in a professional capacity.


The specific aim of the Diploma course is to provide students with an advanced level of practical knowledge and understanding of La Vera Sibilla, the card meanings, combinations and interpretations, to enable them to read the cards for both themselves and others.

The objective of this course is to provide suitable information, training, guidance and support, to enable each student to become a highly competent, confident, and professionally skilled Vera Sibilla readers.


This course is designed to be studied over a period of between 12 to 18 months, although completion times can vary between individual students.

The Diploma programme is comprehensive and includes:

1. Comprehensive online information and instruction in the form of either/and/or audio, video and written materials

2. Ongoing personal support from Alessandra Venturi vial emal and or through the Classroom Noticeboard

3. Ongoing assessment and testing to ensure and maintain acceptable levels of competence and consistency

4. Final assessment/testing prior to graduation (subject to achieving the level required to pass)

5. A Diploma of competence (subject to satisfactory assessment and testing). In the unlikely event of a student failing testing, they will have the opportunity to re-test; see terms and conditions regarding re-testing.


This Diploma programme consists of over 100 Modules, excluding assignments and testing, which are to be studied over the course of 1 year or longer if required by individual students.


Available upon application

Unlike almost all other courses, both online and offline, students cannot simply apply and pay their fee to study through The School of Italian Cartomancy. Enrollment is based upon application and acceptance, BUT ONLY for a limited number of students each year.

Initial Application - PART 1

Please complete the form below, providing ALL of the infer to information requested. We will consider what you have written and reply to you within 24 hours of receipt.

This is my initial application for enrollment on the above course. If accepted I agree to abide by the published terms and conditions of The School of Italian Cartomancy at all times.


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