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INTRODUCTORY NOTE: As the author of this material I sell this series of books on the Vera Sibilla  (italian sibilla) deck in good faith and trust that they this information will not be stolen, passed around, reproduced or plagiarised in any way. I would ask you to respect my hard work to make this unique information available for the first time in the English language.

This book is the largest volume on La Vera Sibilla card interpretations ever produced.

This is the first book of its kind about the Vera Sibilla italiana to ever be published in English, also written by an authentic Italian Vera Sibilla Cartomancer, Alessandra Venturi.

Unlike many books on the subject of cartomancy, this volume comes with both traditional and authentic historical meanings and interpretations, as passed down by word of mouth through thee generations of Italian cartomancers.,

This, the first volume of two books provides everything for both novice and experienced readers alike, including historical remarks, card descriptions, the essence of the cards, interpretations, key words and lottery numbers.

Everything you will ever need to know about La Vera Sibilla from a unique and original source.



Italian Cartomancy - Learn La Vera Sibilla Italiana


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